This week we had to use Twitter and I found it a little out of my element.  I have never used twitter before and sometimes I found it as a waste of my time.  Between school and work I don’t have time to jump on and look at other peoples Tweets or Tweet myself.  I found myself sometimes having nothing to Tweet about other than quotes I liked, and I don’t think most people would really care about them considering they are all Marilyn Monroe quotes.  I would say they only reason I would keep twitter is if I followed PR twitters and people who are in the PR professional world.  This would be helpful because I would know what’s going on all the time and it would help me keep up to date with people I don’t know individually.  I’m thinking Twitter may grow on me but as of now Twitter and I don’t exactly see eye to eye.  The professional world of PR twitters is where I should be looking and as soon as I get some extra time I will defiantly look in to this more.  I wold also like to post Videos of GSU activities. Maybe if I found friends or celebrates on twitter I liked it more and it would become more important to me. By: Jessica Teal

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Social Media. Video…Press Release and more….

Topic of the week: 15

In this weeks topic of the week, we will be discussing Social Media News Release (SMNR).  A SMNR is an advanced news release.  It is a press release format designed for the online media world.  Pictures, links, videos, and audio, have all been added to spice up the attention value of the release.  PR practitioners are finding that SMNR are a lot better that just the normal news release because of several important reasons.

The only disadvantage I found was the people who are computer challenged, can’t always make the new SMNR.  Other than that SNMR are the new News Release.

Reasons to use SMNR:

  1. More networks get your information
  2. Availability is much easier
  3. Much more in-depth
  4. Better to look at: pictures, media, audio (GSU Video)
  5. Most efficient

PR practitioners should consider using SMNR more than the average News Release because they are simple to release. .

Some Websites I found use full when talking about SMNR include:

  1. Slideshare  : This website is interesting and used lots of fun methods to introduce the SMNR.  You can join this website and become part of the network that sends out SMNR on a regular basis.
  2. Pressitt: This website had a lot of options, and can be used for a lot of stuff.  Check it out its cool.
  3. Pr-squared: This website not only talks about SMNR but it give you different types of templets you can use to help format and write you SMNR.  This site is designed to help you write a professional SMNR, with up-to-date information about formating and SMNRs`.
  4. Georgia Southern Videos from other Students are attached, by Jessica Teal

The information on the post came from our text, Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques if not other wised noted.

Chaper 15 Georgia Southern Video/ Media Topic.

In chapter 15 of the text Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques was about giving speeches and presentations.  This chapter was helpful because speeches and presentation are a major part of Event Planning and that the field I want to go in to.  The book went in to great detail about how long they should be and what types of format should be used.  Another thing I liked that the text talked about was how to present yourself and talk to the audience.  I think this chapter should be read by any one who will be giving speeches and presentations that wants to look professional.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Make sure you are dressed professional
  2. Make sure to make eye contact
  3. When printing out memos for the speeches or presentations make sure its in the correct format
  4. Know you audience
  5. Give plenty of time for questions

Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal